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Are You Ready for a Home Based Job?

With the modern and technology-dependent society like today, many business have allowed their employees to work from home. Unlimited access to the world wide web, faster means of communication ( e.g.emails and instant messaging), and the Internet have made it possible.

Working from home may sound ideal to many applicants, but there are some drawbacks as well. You have to consider certain factors before accepting a home-based job. You must ask yourself if you are ready to face the responsibilities of working from home.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of working remotely:

Are You Ready for a Home Based Job?


  • More Productivity – Working from home can be good for you. You can be a lot more productive since you will be in the comfort of your own house. You have free reign over your setting and there are fewer distractions compared to working in an office. You can also save yourself from commuting and the hassles that come with it. It can also reduce your stress levels and therefore, you can function better work-wise.
  • Flexible Time – With home-based jobs, you can be more flexible with how you manage your time. This is beneficial for those who have responsibilities other than work, like parents or working students. You can go to work when it’s most convenient for you without having to take time to prepare yourself for the office because your home is your office.
  • Financial Benefits – Other than the fact that you don’t have to commute and spend money on gasoline or parking space, you can also save on clothing expenses and having them dry-cleaned.
  • Better Health. – Without the stress and the anxiety resulting from being an office, home-based jobs can improve your overall physical and mental health. You can engage in more physical activities (gym, yoga, running exercises, etc.). The time you might have used to commute can be used for the improvement of your health.

Are You Ready for a Home Based Job?


  • A different set of challenges. Home-based jobs will challenge your time management skills. It will challenge your self-motivation and your self-discipline. There may be fewer distractions when you are working from home but it is also easy to turn lazy while you’re at it.
  • Isolation. One of the good things about working in an office is that you get to interact and bond with people from your workplace. However, when you work from home, you will have to spend the long work hours by yourself. This is depressing to some professionals. A suggestion to overcome this is to find a way to keep in touch with your friends and colleagues.

Communication difficulties. Whilst the technology in terms of communication has improved greatly, miscommunication is inevitable. This can hinder your productivity or cause a few problems within the company. There are some things that are better discussed with your boss face-to-face.

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