Personal and Professional Use of Air Compression Systems

Personal and Professional Use of Air Compression Systems

Because of its versatility, the compressed air system is widely used in both home and industrial settings to power machinery, actuators and valves, and handheld tools. In fact, as little as eight percent of the total energy supplied to the system can be converted into adequate levels of useful energy to get the work done safely and efficiently.

Different types of compressed air provide different applications. While air compressors come in different sizes and power supplies, the majority of them come in two main designs: reciprocating piston air compressors and rotary screw air compressor. These two designs come in several models that offer a selection ranging from low-pressure air in a small tank used to pump car or bike tires to high pressured air used in heavy manufacturing facilities and large plant operations.

Air compressors can be classified into three groups:

Personal and Professional Use of Air Compression Systems

  • Compression Grade – This type of air compression system is described as a pancake or single-stage model used for common household tasks (such as inflating tires and inflatable pools) and some low-load air tools (such as a stapler and brad guns).
  • Professional Grade – This type of air compressors provides more power and higher pressurized air. It is often described as a two-stage reciprocating model or rotary screw model, which has the ability to run several air tools at once with intermittent use.
  • Industrial Grade – Considered as the workhorse of the manufacturing plant, industrial grade air compressors are designed to supply a constant flow of compressed air for long periods of time. They also have the ability to take fluctuating surges which are typical in major manufacturing plants. Built with high-quality components, industrial grade air compression systems can be customized to suit the specific environment to boost performance, efficiency, energy, and reliability.

Home Application

The home applications of air compressors come in various forms. From small handheld air compressors to the 60+ gallon stationary tank model, here is a list of things you can do with compressed air:

Personal and Professional Use of Air Compression Systems

  • Operating pneumatic tools for various home projects
  • Cleaning tight spaces and crevice of equipment and other hard to reach areas with directed air pressure
  • Painting using an airbrush for small, precision projects and large surfaces
  • Blowing up balloons and inflatable items
  • Pumping air into bike and car tires

Commercial Application

From small business to large industrial settings, compressed air is required in running a business efficiently. It is often used in powering tools and equipment and providing an energy source.

Personal and Professional Use of Air Compression Systems

  • Sandblasting manufacturing and machine shop facilities
  • Painting vehicles in auto body shops
  • Powering various air tools used in automotive repair shops
  • Cleaning machinery using air blowguns
  • Powering pneumatic drills and hammers on construction sites

Make sure that you schedule regular inspections for your air compression system and its piping. Brampton professional technicians will be able to detect any signs of damage and fix them before they cause any trouble or result in additional damage.

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