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Guide to Choosing Stylish but Comfortable Outdoor Clothing

One important aspect of planning for a trip includes packing the essentials. After booking the trip and settling your financial obligations, the next step would be to pack your luggage. However, there are certain factors we ought to keep in mind when it comes to packing, like how long we plan to stay and whether or not we need to pack some extra shirts. Other factors we may have to consider also include the planned activities, type of places to visit, and expected weather conditions.

Before packing, here are some essential questions we need to ask ourselves beforehand:

What do I plan to do?


Guide to Choosing Stylish but Comfortable Outdoor Clothing


What are the general activities that you plan to do? Will you be swimming, hiking, jogging, sightseeing, or camping? Check your itinerary first to see what activities will be done and sort out your clothes accordingly.

What type of place/s will I be visiting?


Guide to Choosing Stylish but Comfortable Outdoor Clothing


Will I be going to a mountain range or the beach? A tropical island or a cold city? A beach resort or a ski resort? These are important questions to ask yourself before packing your suitcase. Do a quick online search about the area and familiarize the environment of the place. If there are any clothing restrictions based on cultural reasons, take note of this and leave certain items behind.

What is the usual weather like?


Guide to Choosing Stylish but Comfortable Outdoor Clothing


Is the area known for its humid or temperate climate? In what season will the trip take place? Determining the climate conditions during your trip can help you decide what to include in your luggage.

Selecting Your Outfits

After answering these questions, the next step would be to pick out the right kind of outfits you need based on the above-mentioned criteria. Here is a guide on how to pick stylish but comfortable outdoor clothing:


Guide to Choosing Stylish but Comfortable Outdoor Clothing


1. Pick the right kind of fabric. For warmer seasons, wear clothes made from cotton, rayon, linen, chambray or a blend of any of the five for a comfortable but fashionable look. For colder seasons, layer up with jackets made from water-resistant or wind-resistant materials to keep the elements at bay. Opt for well-fitted jackets and nicely fit pants to allow better movement and comfort.

2. Pick the right kind of shoe. Flip-flops or open sandals are usually worn during warm months but that’s usually reserved for a trip to the beach. Depending on what activity is on your itinerary, opt for a shoe that is lightweight but has great support.


Guide to Choosing Stylish but Comfortable Outdoor Clothing


3. Coordinate colours and patterns. Certain shades of colour stands out during a particular season and this goes well with patterns too! Avoid mixing bright loud colours with standout patterns and instead opt for a flattering colour based on your skin tone. Add fun colours or patterns in subtle ways like a bright tartan scarf paired with a classic trench coat for a night out of town.

4. Accessories. Wide-brimmed hats are very fashionable during hot weather and can even upgrade your entire outfit if paired with sunglasses. For colder weather, fashionable gloves, mittens, or earmuffs with chic details can help make your outfit stand out. Remember the golden rule when it comes to accessories: less is more.


Guide to Choosing Stylish but Comfortable Outdoor Clothing


One more important thing to consider when packing for your trip is to have fun. After picking out the basics with a practical approach, try to incorporate little elements that show off your style.


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