7 Reasons iPhone 8 Plus Is Better Than iPhone X

7 Reasons iPhone 8 Plus Is Better Than iPhone X5

Last September 2017, Apple released its new smartphone to the market: the iPhone 8 Plus with its unique design, wireless charging feature, and large screen size. A couple of weeks later, the company commemorated its 10th year of making iPhones by launching the iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone 10), which it describes as the “iPhone of the future” for its new design and exclusive features.


7 Reasons iPhone 8 Plus Is Better Than iPhone X5

Those who did not bother with the new iPhone X went ahead and bought the iPhone 8 Plus and are satisfied with the product. They might even buy the iPhone X, too, if it is available to the public. The large number of backorders may make new consumers wait several days — or weeks — before their phone arrives. A few consumers, however, decided to stick to their iPhone 7s and 7 Pluses until their new iPhone X arrives.

We might like to take a pause right here. You may want to buy an iPhone X, too, but you might have to consider these seven factors we put up to convince you that the iPhone 8 Plus is the better deal of the two:


7 Reasons iPhone 8 Plus Is Better Than iPhone X5

1. Screen size

Both have bigger screens compared to their predecessors, but that would depend on how you look at the ratio to determine which is truly the “largest.” While the iPhone X may seem to be the obvious winner with its 5.8-inch screen over the iPhone 8 Plus’ 5.5-inch display, X actually uses a narrower aspect ratio of 18.5:9. On the other hand, you still get more surface area on the 8 Plus’ overall aspect ratio of 16:9. The narrow aspect ratio of the iPhone X also poses a concern for video watching. If you watch regular 16:9 content, the iPhone X then will have a lot of wasted space — unless you enjoy watching videos with skewed proportions.

2. Design

The iPhone 8 Plus now sports an improved design with glass on the front and back. The design capitalizes on the materials it used (aluminium alloy, internal steel, and copper structure), making the phone quite durable. The 8 Plus is also sealed for water and dust resistance, and it comes with a new True Tone display so it can easily adapt to colour and temperature changes.

7 Reasons iPhone 8 Plus Is Better Than iPhone X5

The iPhone X, on the other hand, went big with a completely new design. While it also features a glass front and back, the phone features a polished stainless steel frame around the edge that shimmers and catches the light. It has a different feel to the iPhone 8 Plus with its aluminium frame and that, combined with the weight that comes with it, gives the iPhone X the premium feel as the new iPhone on the block. However, its all-glass design is a bit of a disadvantage if you need a case and an insurance plan to protect your iPhone X.

3. Display

One of the iPhone X’s exclusive features is its True Tone OLED, which allows the phone to alter its display depending on the available lighting. Being a narrower phone, the iPhone X has 2436 x 1125 pixels and sports a 82.9% screen-to-body ratio. The iPhone 8 Plus, on the other hand, makes use of True Tone LCD, 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 67.7% screen-to-body ratio.


7 Reasons iPhone 8 Plus Is Better Than iPhone X5

If you consider the number of pixels lost with a narrower aspect ratio, the iPhone X will turn out to have a fractionally lower pixel count. The OLED panel in the iPhone X makes it less bright than the iPhone 8 Plus when both have 625 nits.

4. Home screen

In this aspect, the iPhone 8 Plus feels more familiar since it retains its Touch ID feature using the home button. The iPhone X did a complete 180 and introduced a new facial-recognition feature called the Facial ID. With the Facial ID, your iPhone X will remain locked until you look at it. To make this work, Apple used a TrueDepth camera system to create a detailed 3D map of your face for faster recognition. Its new interface and lack of home button may mean major adjustments and key features such as the Control Center are harder to reach and use.

5. Processor

Internally, both phones are not so different. They both use the same next-generation A11 Bionic processor, which delivers 25% faster CPU and 30% GPU performance than the A10 chipset used by older models.

The A11 is also 70% faster so users can easily jump between apps. However, the iPhone X has to push far more pixels and functionalities, like the Facial ID feature, which makes it slower than the iPhone 8 Plus.


7 Reasons iPhone 8 Plus Is Better Than iPhone X5

6. Battery life

The iPhone 8 Plus has a physically bigger battery so its battery life is better than the iPhone X. Both their glass backs bring wireless charging. They also have fast wired charging but both features come with a catch.

Apple’s wireless charging is Qi-compatible but it only works at 5W when Qi has 7.5W and 15W fast wireless charging. This is only supported by the likes of LG and Samsung.


7 Reasons iPhone 8 Plus Is Better Than iPhone X5

7. Price

Are you willing to pay almost $1,000 for a phone? If yes, you won’t mind paying $999 for an iPhone X, which is $200 higher than the iPhone 8 Plus at $799. But consider this: you can buy the iPhone 8 Plus with the same software, processor, primary camera, and wireless charging support as the iPhone X.

Additionally, it has the home button, more useful screen, and a better colour scheme, and you only need to pay $799 for that. Just use the extra $200 for something more rewarding — like your savings.

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